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Shot with a FujiFilm X-Pro1 and Jupiter 50mm f2



Marquette Catholic School

Shot with a Fuji X20

Devin of Blindside Skateshop


This is Devin, he owns Blindside Skateshop in Tulsa and Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Shot with a Fuji X20

West Texas Trailheads (February 2015)



Photos I took at the trailheads of two of my favorite trails in West Texas.

Shot with a Fuji X20

Summer berry picking (June 2014)






Shot with a Fuji X20

Time to catch up.

Hello everybody, long time no see. Life has been crazy in the past year and a half but it has been beautiful. I’ve gotten married, moved into a new house, and even had my first child. Because of this I’ve been very lazy with my website and I haven’t posted any new content. This doesn’t mean I haven’t shot any photos though. In fact I have around 400 photographs on the desktop of my computer as I speak.

I’ve decided that now is a good time to start working and posting these photos to my website. It’s going to take a while to catch up but I know I can do it if I just set my mind to it and not put too much on my plate at once. This is going to be a slow but steady process and it will start tonight with a few photos from June of 2014. I’m hoping to post new photos about twice a week giving myself plenty of time in-between to edit and sort through everything.

So thank you for visiting this site and for continuing to follow me. I promise not to disappoint or turn this into another dead website.

King Faifer

DSCF0278 DSCF0286 DSCF0290 DSCF0296

This is my friend Eric, he’s a famous!

Shot with a Fuji X20

Tulsa Tough








Shot with a Fuji X20

The Shop








Photos taken around Tom’s Bicycles in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is the second location in Tulsa located on Cherry Street. I’ve worked there for over a year.

Shot with a Fuji X20

Memorial Day Ride


Zach fixing his rack while I take the time to snap photos of the area.


An abandoned housing development outside of Skiatook Oklahoma.


Zach riding along the backroads


The beautiful Oklahoma roads between Skiatook and Tulsa


No matter how much I think I’m a “city slicker” I will always love the view of cows and farmland.

All photos shot with a Fuji X20

A-Frame Pt.2

AframeBW copy

Went back to take more photos of the A-frame house. Thought I would take some eerie shots.

Shot with a Fuji X20

Zach Miller

Zach copy

Quick photo I snapped of Zach while we were at work.

Shot with a Fuji X20





An old abandoned A-Frame house in Mannford, OK.

Shot with a Fuji X20

Giant-Ass Clouds


It’s been storming all day long and on my way home from work I decided to pull over and snap a shot of the system rolling through Mannford and heading to Tulsa.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkIII and Rokinon 35mm f1.4

Eric Faifer “Mechanic of the Month”





This is my friend Eric Faifer. He is a bicycle mechanic at Tom’s Bikes in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He won bike mechanic of the month for WD-40 and needed photos to send to them. Here’s what I got.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkIII and a Canon 24-105mm f4 and Rokinon 85mm f1.4

First Snow


Landscape photograph that I took on my way to school the other day. We received our first snow in Oklahoma in a long time and couldn’t pass up the beauty of it.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkIII and Canon 24-105mm f4


Will “Pyromancer” Ogilvie


As I was working on my property I decided to shoot a few photos of Will at his firepit.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkIII and Canon 24-105mm f4

Aunt Sam

This is Judy Black, she dressed up as Uncle Sam for the OSUIT Veterans Day Ceremony.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkIII and Canon 24-105mm f4


Taylor is just a kick butt guy living a kick butt life. He’s been my friend for 8 years and is like a brother to me.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkIII and Rokinon 85mm f1.4


This is Chris, he is a team rider for the Tom’s Bikes cycling team.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkIII and Rokinon 85mm f1.4


Shot with a Canon 5d Mark III and Canon 24-105mm f4


This is Joel, he is a first semester photography student. We had a good old fashioned Junebug shootout where we had a group of 9 people and each person in the group had to take a photo of each person of the group. Joel was one of the 8 that I had to photography. The glasses he is wearing are just something I found and thought looked fitting.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkIII and Canon 24-105mm f4

Caleb Deane

This is my good friend Caleb. While he was learning about studio lighting I decided to take him aside and shoot a little something for myself.

Shot with a Canon 5d mkIII and Canon 24-105mm f4

Montray Brooks

Montray Brooks is a skater for the Quickie Mart skate team in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had the opportunity to take his photo a couple weeks ago. I originally posted this photo along with others as an advertisement.

Shot with a Canon 60d and Canon 24-105mm f4