Snowy Route 66

Campbell Hotel Tulsa, OK

Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max using telephoto lens.



Marquette Catholic School

Shot with a Fuji X20

A-Frame Pt.2

AframeBW copy

Went back to take more photos of the A-frame house. Thought I would take some eerie shots.

Shot with a Fuji X20





An old abandoned A-Frame house in Mannford, OK.

Shot with a Fuji X20

V for Victory!

This week we had an assignment to shoot this statue. It is a drafting tool sitting outside of the VisCom building since our building use to be the drafting building. I shot this around 11:00pm using a 40 second exposure and shooting two flashes of light on the statue to make it stand out.

Shot with Canon 5d and Canon 28-7omm f2.8