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One Pager

A one page portfolio that I made in school to show off some of my best work in one spot.

Culinary Delight


This photo was shot for my studio class during my second semester. We went to the culinary department at school and set up a studio in the dining area. 

Shot with a Canon 5d and Canon 28-75mm f2.8


This photo is a self portrait representing my stress and loneliness. This was shot with just the modeling light on an alienbee strobe.

Shot with a Canon 5d and Canon 28-70mm f2.8

Cale Glendening

This is Cale Glendening. He is a director/cinematographer from Muskogee, Ok. He came to my school to talk to us about what he does and give us advice. I had the pleasure of shooting him after his talk. Check him out at

Shot with a Canon 5d and Canon 28-70mm f2.8

Couch Potato

Self portrait that I shot for a tetrad. I used the colors purple, orange, yellow and blue. This pretty much just shows me as well, me.

Shot with Canon 5d and Sigma 50mm f1.4